Me_Victoria '08I write and take pictures because it is my way of telling stories. I have no idea where the writing comes from. Or the images for that matter.

What I do know is that I start with what I know and imagine the rest.

I love  to cover marathons,distance race events, endurance sports, weddings, school plays, life events. Sometimes I go to  track meets or cross country events at a high school or a training club.  Sometimes I walk around wherever I find myself and I photograph the landscape and the people I see. The pictures I take are meant to illuminate the day  for the people who were there.

I have worked with Nike, Newsweek, The Eugene Marathon, Marathon&Beyond, Woman’s Runner, The Sydney Parks Commission, The Royal Victoria Marathon, The Dick Beardsley Marathon Running Camp, The Joe Henderson Marathon Training Team, The Eugene Running Company, The Eugene Register Guard,The Oregon Urology Institute, Team In Training.

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