Easter Sunday 2011 Part 1

Caught the sunlight on the spire. I like the way the trees below my deck frame the church. Seems far off but in fact it is about four blocks away. Feels like country.

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If The Crick Don’t Rise

And a creek runs through it…or conversely, god willin’ and the crick don’t rise or maybe, fish are jumpin’ and the livin’ is easy or maybe, just maybe, it is another morning in paradise and for those who gathered at the creek to go for a run on a Saturday morning in the spring, the livin’ was easy even if the running was not, the crick didn’t rise and if you believe in these things, god was willin’ , so yes indeed, another morning in paradise shared and honored by all those in attendance, just out of sight but never out of mind.

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Morning’s Magic Kingdom

I looked up from the runners gathering for the fifty kilometre race, saw that the rain had let up for a moment, that the sun had come out . The forest seemed to be getting ready for the day. A magic kingdom all its own, bejeweled and alive, soon to to be witness to the efforts of the gathered faithful.

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Sunday Morning Daydream #1-Desert Airmen

“There was something I liked about her that I left in the French Quarter…”-Dyaln said that.

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Sunday Hideaway 2

Black and White with saturation sky-felt like Tuscany except for the utility poles…took me awhile to figure out why it didn’t quite feel like it should. It occurred to me that it wasn’t Tuscany,

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